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Ted's Shooting Range

Ted's Angels

Ted's Angels was started this year (2015) by Amanda and Liz as a way of helping to educate women to the wonderful world of firearms.

We have had a lot of women come into the range over the years that were told they could only handle a revolver.

Women have the opportunity to improve their shooting skills as well as learn how to take down multiple types of firearms, including the 1911 and AR15.

It is a fun time and a very informative time. You spend 30 minutes in the classroom learning something new and the rest of the time you are shooting.

The cost is generally free, however small donations are requested on special occasions.

When and Where?

2nd and 4th Monday's of the Month at 7:00 pm

Ted's Shooting Range

Please note, this group is not an intro course and women are expected to have basic firearms training in order to participate. Please see our classes page and schedule a class with one of our instructors should you need basic firearm instruction.

Ted's Shooting Range